Prelude to a Major Gold Surge

MAJOR ALERT: Legend Says Violent Back And Forth In Gold Market Prelude To Massive Surge

We Are in a Prelude To Massive Gold Surge

We are about to embark in a major tide shift for gold says many experts.

With many worried about the action in the gold and silver markets, a legend says violent back and forth in the gold market is a prelude to a massive surge.


  • With the price of gold and silver tumbling recently, the super-wealthy are now buying massive positions in the gold sector
  • The Reemergence Of The Gold Bull
  • The bottom line is that big money is beginning to aggressively enter the gold market and that is how major bottoms are made

I would point out that, according to one report I saw, Goldman Sachs has changed its viewpoint and is now bullish for the first time in five years. I didn’t see a quote specifically from Jeff Currie, Goldman’s global head of commodities research, who has been a bear for quite some time, so I don’t know just how bullish they are.

I only bring it up because Goldman influences a lot of opinions and, at the margin, a few more bulls in gold would be a pretty big deal. Regardless of whether gold blasts off or we see a few violent surges back and forth first, I feel like we are pretty close to finally getting going to the upside after quite a long wait. — Bill Fleckenstein

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