Gold and Cancer Treatment

Gold To Play Key Role in Technology Sector and Cancer Treatment

Recently, gold has been increasingly used technological applications. Such evidence came from the World Gold Council when they reported the demand for gold in the technology sector. In the report, it stated gold has been growing since 2016 and should accelerate.

Some amazing developments utilizing the yellow precious metal have been in the field of medicine. For instance, researchers at the University of Queensland have developed a blood test using gold nanoparticles that could help oncologists in their treatment of cancer patients.


  • Gold continues to be used technology sector
  • Amazing developments have already been used, such as treatment for cancer treatments
  • Use of gold in the technology sector will continue to accelerate

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) have been shed by the original tumor and entered the bloodstream – they can then form into new tumors if they lodge in distant tissue.  We have developed a simple technology which uses a special type of gold nanoparticle attached to different antibodies, which can stick to different proteins on a wide variety of CTCs These nanoparticles emit a unique barcoded signal when hit with laser light, and this signal changes ever so slightly if that nanoparticle encounters a CTC and sticks to it, making them easy to detect.


Signs of drug resistance can be identified which can help doctors and patients make informed decisions about treatment. The technology could also greatly improve our ability to study how tumor cells change in response to treatment and could help answer important biological questions about how treatment resistance arises.

All in all, gold continues to be the go-to precious metal in many areas of our lives, not just being a great investment for retirement.

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