Can I Buy Gold for My Solo 401(k)

Can I Buy Gold For My Solo 401(k)?

Can I Buy Gold For My Solo 401(k)?

First of all, adding precious metals bullion is a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio and provide a hedge against economic troubles and currency devaluation.

Secondly, yes you can buy gold for your Solo 401(k). You can invest in gold bullion through a Solo 401(k) plan, along with many other alternative assets. Here’s the catch. Not all trustees are equipped or even willing to complete investment metal transactions. If you have a Solo 401(k) and do not have a trustee who can complete a precious metals purchase, you are best served to either roll over into a self-directed IRA or open a separate one.

What does this mean?

Well, because there may be a lack of understand and/or education on the part of your trustee, don’t give up hope. Solo 401(k)s are a unique investment account with a lot of benefits.

However, there may be limitations placed on your account by either the plan documents or the plan trustee you have working on your account. All that said, if you are unable to invest in IRS-approved gold bullion through your Solo 401(k), you can still enjoy a tax-free rollover into a precious metals IRA and purchase gold (or other metals) that way.

Gold investments are simple, safe way to diversify your retirement portfolio. Gold and other precious metals will help protect your assets against stock market volatility and inflation.

In summary, yes, you can buy gold for your Solo 401(k). However, there may be some hurdles you need to jump over first. The extra effort you need to go through is well worth it. Go for it!


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