About Us

SMC Gold is a website that focuses on providing the latest relevant news and content on gold, as used as a retirement and investment vehicle. More specifically leveraging gold and other precious metals, to invest in IRA and retirement vehicles.

The Stock Market Bubble is not our greatest concern. The Credit Bubble, however, when it inevitably implodes, will wreak havoc on all sectors of the World Economy, including the Stock Market.

We don’t update every hour of every day – it’s not necessary. We do however report on the news that we feel are necessary to proper investment execution. Bull and bear markets evolve over many months and years, and a single news event has never changed the long-term direction of markets. We will keep you abreast of the important news and tips to help guide you to a bountiful retirement, using the best tools available.

We do get compensated through a variety of means including advertising, affiliate promotions. However, our main goal is to provide unbiased (and accurate) reviews to help guide you through the treacherous waters… and we will only recommend the best.